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    Red Mountain is one of the best fitness retreats / spas in the United States. I have been there several times over the years from short time frames to longer time frames. I love the fact that the facility is directly at the entrance of Snow Canyon. It makes for a multitude of wonderful hikes. If you like riding your bike, it is also a fantastic bike train that goes one for miles and up and down the mountains and lands you right back at Red Mountain. The staff is on task and very alert to meeting the needs of clients. Their facilities are top notch and keep clean and gorgeous. The pool is fantastic and their rooms are great. You can choose a small hotel like room or a much larger suite with living room and bedrooms. This gives you the option to share the experience with a friend or friends. The massage / spa is fabulous. They offer a wide variety of massages and treatments. They are not included in the cost of the stay but it all depends on the package you get. Some clients come in for a very short weekend stay while others are there for extended time. If you are going to stay for a long time, you need to talk to the sales staff about a discount as they will negotiate with you a better rate for a long term stay. I have always enjoyed Red Mountain and think the experience is one of the best that the USA has to offer. Gym/Fitness Facilities - 9 Living Facilities - 9 Classe Dynamics - 9 Class Variety - 9 Personal Attention - 9 Food Taste - 10 Food Variety - 10 Staff/Management - 9 Trainers/Coaches - 9 Massage/Spa - 10 Total 93 out of 100