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  1. This is a pretty good deal. It’s all-inclusive and there is a good balance. We spent most mornings working out and then most afternoons learning about fitness so we could take care of ourselves once we left. The nightly movie was a nice touch. It was an intense experience, but not particularly intimidating. Some of the food wasn’t at great as I expected but the grilled bison was my favorite dish. The most important thing is that I felt healthier when I left and they did accomplish that. They have some room for improvement but overall I got what I paid for.

    I liked the way they varied the workouts from day to day so that it didn’t become boring. The trainers seemed really invested in making sure that we pushed ourselves as far as possible. And they seemed to know just how far to push us before giving us a break for a snack. While I lost weight I never went hungry.

    I was worried that the classes would be a bit boring, but they were actually very interesting. The teachers were very enthusiastic about their subjects, which helped a good deal. The other guests were very friendly and nobody tried to intimidate anyone else. I’m glad I went here.


    Gym/Fitness Facilities - 8
    Living Facilities - 10
    Classe Dynamics - 9
    Class Variety - 9
    Personal Attention - 9
    Food Taste - 8
    Food Variety - 9
    Staff/Management - 9
    Trainers/Coaches -10
    Massage/Spa - 8

    Total 89 out of 100


    Check out their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/PritikinLongevityCenter


    Check out their website:  https://www.pritikin.com/