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  1. any cold dips here? steam rooms? dry saunas? on a modern scale from 1-10 with 10 being very new and modern what would you give it? Aaron
  2. This was one of the first Opulent Spas i've ever been too, around 7-8 years ago in 2006 Gym/Fitness Facilities - n/a Living Facilities - 10 Classe Dynamics - n/a Class Variety - n/a Personal Attention - 7 Food Taste - n/a Food Variety - n/a Staff/Management - 8 Trainers/Coaches - 8 Massage/Spa - 8 Cleanliness - 8 Cold dip -8 steam room- 8 sauna - 7 snow room - 10 All indoor Spa with no windows or distractions from the outside world... a first for me... NO gym here, but if your looking to detox and unwind after a weekend in vegas this is the place... the men and women are in separate areas, the cold dip is right next to the hot tub and each has a waterfall that go into it. each is separated by a vichi shower. there are relaxation chase lounges made of tile and ergonomically correct in which a nap after several hot/ cold treatments are available .. fruit and water is available in this hot/ cold room.. a feature that sets this spa apart from the rest is the snow room, press a button and it snows.... well its foam but there is an ice machine and the room is extra cold which is supposedly good for you.. there is a steam room, working well, non musty smelling as of my last trip in 2008. more hot tubs, shower areas are nice, the waiting room features the usual tea, fruit, water , nuts... there is also a coed infrared sauna made of tile, although i wish it was warmer in there... ‚ÄčI never am fully satisfied with massages at american hotels such as this, as i prefer the thai or very deep style of massage and at 180 for a 50 min sweedish its pretty steep but worth it just for the amenities and relaxing after a weekend in vegas.. they also have day passes, which my cheap friends opted for on my bachelor party..