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Thank you for visiting Spa Critic.  We are thrilled you are here.  We are the site where you can get in touch with others who have attended the spa/fitness retreat/fitness camp/etc that you are considering.  We are an information site only.  We accept no money from spas or facilities.  We are totally independent of any spa. We are here to give accurate information on fitness centers around the globe.  In order to do this, we ask that members submit reviews of places they have been to.  

We ask that you are honest and forthright.  We ask that everyone place their review only in the review forums.  Reviews are invisible until an admin approves them and then they are visible and any discussions can take place about the review.

We also that you rate your spa on a scale of 1-10 in each of the following areas:

Gym/Fitness Facilities
Living Facilities
Classe Dynamics
Class Variety
Personal Attention
Food Taste
Food Variety

It is best to copy the list above and paste it into your review and then elaborate on the review.  If a review is below a 70, we may ask for proof that you attended the spa as we want to ensure all reviews are legit and for information only.

If you would like to see good examples of the reviews, please see the ones that are currently live on the site.  If you follow that format, you will be fine.  All reviews that are approved are posted within 24 hours. 

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Guest Nanee Noon

Enjoyed a weekend at Mayflower Grace Spa in Washington Connecticut. A world class facility. Best deep tissue massage andud wrap I've ever had! Also had a mani and pedi. Great service as well. I wanted a haircut and style and they have someone that they bring in who also gave me a nice fresh look. It is the new standard for ally spa visits. I thought I've been to some outstanding spas in the past, but this tops it all on all counts.

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