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Review of The Cascase Club at The Ascott Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand


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The Cascade Club is located in Bangkok, Thailand and while not a full live in facility, it is inside a great 5 star hotel that will allow you to get everything you need.

The Hotel
The Ascott is a great hotel. You can get studios, one-bedrooms, two-bedroom or even three-bedroom apartments. The apartments are fully furnished. They are furnished with full kitchens and everything you need to cook your own meals.  

The front desk staff is qualified and efficient. They are helpful and professional. They will help make sure your stay is great and you get everything you need.

The concierge staff is fantastic. They will help you with anything you ask and make arrangements for making your stay in Bangkok as comfortable as possible. They will make other bookings for you if you need.  I even had them find me a cook for 2 months on one stay.  The cost was less than 1k per months or a cook that did all the shopping and cooking 6 days per week.  

The restaurants in the hotel are good quality and easy to find something good to eat. The one that serves food by the pool has the best tasting hamburger in Bangkok and is worth a visit to Aldo's just for the burger. However, they also have a 3 course lunch special each day that includes an appetizer, main course and desert. It always gives us a wide variety of options to choose from and we ate there at least 3 times every week for the lunch specials. There is always something healthy on the menu and they specialize in seafood and greek cuisine.

The Ascott is located in the business area of the city and if often hard to get a taxi during the day time as the traffic surrounding the hotel is horrendous. There is a sky train a few minutes walk away and that is easy to use but traffic in Bangkok is notorious for being horrible but the Sathorn area is one of the worst areas.

Staff wise, the Ascott is amazing. From the doormen to the housekeepers to the management, you can't ask for a better staff.

Having stayed in many executive apartments in Bangkok, the Ascott ranks high and is the best option for a businessman who loves high end service and has high expectations.

The Cascade Club Gym
The Cascade Club gym is the best gym in Bangkok. There is not a gym that even comes close. The place is clean and has every choice of cardio and strength training machine one would need. They offer great classes and you can easily fill your day with activities that keep you healthy. The personal trainers are fantastic. I hired 2 personal trainers for the entire 4 months and they were both top notch. They were never late and always trying to ensure I pushed myself. Their English was excellent and as someone who has hired personal trainers in over 60 gyms around the world, I will say that these 2 were two of my top 5 of all time.

The Spa at the Ascott
The spa at the Ascott is great. I had bi-monthly manicures and pedicures as well as tons of massages and haircuts over the 4 months. I felt pampered and well taken care of.

There are also 3 restaurants in the hotel.

The costs
The Cascade Club is free if you are staying in The Ascott.  You will pay for personal training.  The cost is about 35 USD per hour.  I negotiated a long stay rate with them and paid for 100 sessions in advance and got the rate down to 20 USD.

You can take all the class at The Cascade Club. They cost about 10 USD per class. You can buy a package of 10 for for discounts.

The Ascott costs depend on your length of stay. If you want to stay 2-4 months, you should contact the sales staff and negotiate a stay. I stayed in a very large 2 bedroom 2 bathroom for 3,000 USD per month.  It had a balcony and was very spacious.  I was with friends so the cost for my room was 1500 USD. That included Internet, electricity, ect.

Food costs vary but we did our own cooking as the apartment came fully furnished and we spent about 200 USD per week on food for the entire week.

Cost breakdown for one month:
Room 1,500
Personal Training 5 sessions per week: 400 USD
Classes: 2 per day 240 USD
Food: 800 USD
Gym: Free
Pool: Free

For one month in a great hotel with a great gym, I spent less than 3,000 for a great experience.

I lost 24 pounds the first month alone. I worked out doing a lot of Cardio and I went swimming 2x per day.

Gym/Fitness Facilities - 9
Living Facilities - 10
Classe Dynamics - 8
Class Variety - 9
Personal Attention - 8
Food Taste - 10
Food Variety - 10
Staff/Management - 10
Trainers/Coaches - 9
Massage/Spa - 10

Total 93 out of 100







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