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Review of Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket Thailand


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I just spent one month at Tiger Muay Thai camp. The place is not the best decorated place I have been to but it was fine for what it was.

It was a great place to get into shape.  If you only do the Muay Thai beginner classes, you will not get great instruction as they are often full and the teachers do not concentrate on individuals.  However, if you do get personal Muay Thai training, it is great.  

The facilities are filled with good equipment. They are not brand new but they worked well.  The accommodations were very basic for for the price, it was well worth it.

I met tons of people there as the place really is a mecca for beginning Muay Thai in Thailand as well as for those looking for a fitness holiday.

I did the VIP package which cost a bit more than 2,000 USD for the month and that included 12 personal Muay Thai training classes each week.  I also paid for personal fitness training and did that 3 times per week.  Between that and the classes on Muay Thai, boxing, cross fit, etc. my days were packed full and I had little free time.

I did upgrade to a nicer accommodation after checking in and that was well worth the extra few hundred dollars per month.

In one month, I lost 28 pounds.  I could not be happier with the result and with Tiger.  Tiger Muay Thai was something that I had heard about for a few years but never had the time to do it. This year, I decided that it was totally worth a all my vacation time.  


Gym/Fitness Facilities - 7
Living Facilities - 7
Classe Dynamics - 8
Class Variety - 9
Personal Attention - 8
Food Taste - 8
Food Variety - 8
Staff/Management - 8
Trainers/Coaches - 9
Massage/Spa - 9

Total 81 out of 100


I would give this facility 4 Stars!





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