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Review of Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge, Utah May 2014 86/100


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I have been to the Biggest Loser Resort 3 times over the years and have enjoyed each time.  I always loose weight and I always have a good time.  The resort is in Irving, UT, right outside of St. George, Utah.  The area is beautiful and there are so many amazing hiking trails in the area.  The mornings are spent on a good hike in the area and guests are broken down according to ability.  Snow Canynon is beautiful and the close proximity to that area is great.


The Biggest Loser Resort is well-run and kept clean and up to date.  The pool is great and fun to lounge around when you have free time which is not too often.


Gym/Fitness Facilities - 9
Living Facilities - 8
Classe Dynamics - 8
Class Variety - 8
Personal Attention - 6
Food Taste - 10
Food Variety - 10
Staff/Management - 9
Trainers/Coaches - 8
Massage/Spa - 10

Total 86 out of 100


The Fitness Facilities have a great variety of machines.  Sometimes, the place gets a bit full and hard to get to the ones you want.


The rooms for a living space are not too small and not too big.  They are kept clean and comfortable.  They do have a nice high speed Internet.


The classes are fun and they have a wide variety of classes and things to do.


The one area I marked them down on is personal attention. They really don't give a grea deal of personal attention to clients as the program is the program and it is up to the individual to pick and choose what they need to do.


The food is excellent and always tasted great.


Staff and management were always on hand and available. 


The trainers were fun and kept us laughing.  The hiking staff is the best.


I love the massages and the options available.  I used them at least 4 times every week and loved them.


All in all, The Biggest Loser Retreat is a great place and you will loose weight if you go there.  It is one of the places that you know what to expect and they will deliver.  It is a well-oiled machine at this point.


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