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Review of Live In Fitness, Hilton Head Island South Carolina 89/100


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I have been to Live In Fitness several times as a client and always had a great experience.  I started out with them many years back when they were a much smaller facility with only about 8 campers and 4 or 5 staff. They have grew tremendously over the years and changed locations several times but the program stays in tact.


When they were in Los Angeles, I loved the ability to see LA and the city and have some fun adventures on the weekends (but rarely had the time).  I had many amazing experiences at LIFE and perhaps some of my most memorable ones are bike-hike-bike with a group and my special run-hike-run with fitness trainer and manager Nicola. The runs were special for me as I was training for my first marathon and they did a great job at getting me ready for that event.  Nicola, in particular was amazing at helping me to get in shape as the run-hike-run was nearly 20 miles and we spent hours doing this every Wednesday just the 2 of us.  It was this one on one personal attention that made things so amazing.


Gym/Fitness Facilities - 9
Living Facilities - 8
Classe Dynamics - 8
Class Variety - 8
Personal Attention - 10
Food Taste - 10
Food Variety - 10
Staff/Management - 7
Trainers/Coaches - 9
Massage/Spa - 10


Total 89 out of 100


The fitness facilities have changed a great deal over the years and I was able to visit their new location in Hilton Head Island.  I was not a camper in that location but I was able to spend a month in the area when they first opened to help them set up the facility.  It looks great and I think a perfect choice for loosing weight.


The living facilities all depend on where you are placed.  They rent different apartments, condos and homes and they all are close to the facility.  When I was in LA at one point the walk to the facility was almost one mile and it was a long walk at the end of a hard day.  But, since their move to Hilton Head, the rooms are closer to the facility.


I always liked their classes especially the ones they held outdoors.  Bootcamps and flag football were 2 of my favorites.


I always felt that a great deal of personal attention went into my instruction.  They monitored me very closely and each of my coaches over the years were excellent.


The food has always been good. I was a camper here when they served take away bags and I never minded that.  Now, they have dine in experiences and I have eated the food, and it was great.


The trainers are the life of the program. They are the ones the keep the place running and provide a great experience to all.


I have had massages here and they are great.  They do not have the vast variety that many places have but the massages I have gotten have always been a true sports massage which is what is often needed when you work out 6-7 hours per day.


The program is tough but anyone can do it.  They work you hard every day and you loose weight. 

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