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Polar Loop Fitness Tracker Review


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I am loving my Polar Loop. It is simply great.  It keeps track of my movements and activity throughout the day.  Together with the new Polar Heart Rate monitor, it also calculates my calories burned during work outs.  The Loop is very comfortable to wear and keeps track of sleeping time, sitting time, standing time, moving time and running time.  It does a really great job at all of these. 


The flow is water resistant as well and I have worn mine in the pool and shower each day.  I take it off to charge and to calibrate with the Polar Flow site once per day for about 10 min.  It charges fast and lasts a long time.


There is a great video on the Polar website that you should look at.


The cost was 99.00 on Amazon and IMHO, well worth every penny.   I love Polar and the fact it works so well with all the Life Fitness equipment is an added bonus.


I am a Mac guy and this syncs great with my Phone app and my Apple computer. 


I have tried other fitness readers and watches over the years. But, this is by far the best I have used!




Below is a photo from my workout today on the Elliptical.  It kept up with all my heart rate info and immediately uploaded to my Polar account.




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